About Us

The Centre is run by Jacqui Meadows, who is a qualified holistic animal healer and International Animal Spiritual Retreat & Workshop Leader. She is a  trained Usui Master Practitioner  Reiki Levels i, ii, iii (a) and  iii (b) course tutor Animal Communication, Animal Reiki,  Animal Shaman Studies and  Animal Spiritual Ministry .

Jacqui’s Philosophy

Jacqui’s passion lies in helping others to attune and awaken to the animal teachings and wonder that all sentient animals and pets wish to share. Her work has evolved through working with many others on a similar path of compassion and has helped combine her life-long love for, and connection with, animals in the healing arts. Her gift  for animal healing and pet bereavement counselling is gaining international recognition and Jacqui is delighted to now offer courses to others to awaken their gifts as Animal Intuitives around the world.

Jacqui’s Qualifications

Jacqui has studied the following healing modalities and draws from each of them, as needed, in her work:

  1.  Reiki
  2.  Animal Meditation
  3.  Animal Intuitive
  4.  Animal Communication
  5.  Animal Reiki
  6.  Animal Spiritual Ministry
  7.  Animal Dowsing for  Lost and Frightened Pets
  8.  Master Practitioner in Shaman Studies .
  9.  Master Teacher  Shaman Intensive Retreats

Jacqui has undergone several years of in-depth Reiki training and successful initiations to Senior Master Practitioner Level iii (a) and Master Teacher Level iii (b) Degrees. 

From Jacqui 

Since Reiki  and Holistic therapy training came into my life over  two decades ago, my life has been transformed into an insightful journey of adventure that has brought joy, self empowerment and a personal awareness  not dreamt of . Because  animals are in my soul I have discovered a deeper understanding and  love for animals through my training, the animal reiki and the work I do , due to the compassionate nature of their own lives and souls  which they give and often sacrifice without question. In turn, my relationship with the animals that have come into my life have led to a greater understanding of the human world in which we all live.It has, so far been a most humbling experience and one of gratitude awareness  and there is never one day the same as another . It has been a journey like no other  and  I wouldn’t change one  moment. So as training experiences go, it has taught me  that with each step I take  no matter how small, with the right intent can make a huge difference.The training complete, the real life training takes over, the animals have much to teach us. So the journey goes on as we welcome more kindred spirits into our beautiful world of animal healing …… watch out for our forthcoming blogs for ongoing  sojourns of adventure, self discovery  and unbridled laughter that the animals bring  and hang onto your hats !

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About Sandra Dean. 

Sandra  is  a  mature, quiet person, with  a deep love of animals, especially the big cats and elephants. All animals especially cats, dogs and horses are also a love of hers .
Sandra is  fascinated  by the animals of sea  and the natural world, its mountains and countryside.


Sandra’s Philosophy

As a Master Animal Reiki  Practitioner Sandra  helps people understand how wonderful animals are in our life, which she  enjoys doing via her  animal work .Helping animal guardians understand their relationship more with their animals, the compassion and unconditional love they bring to them is the essence of Sandra’s belief in the animal kingdom. The healing given to animals supports her philosophy that an animal’s love is capable of transforming those around it .

From Sandra

All those years ago I didn’t know there was healing called Reiki with heat coming from the therapists  hands, where the hands transmit healing  into the body. I have been having treatments for some time and find it very helpful , the healing goes where it needs to go. I took up Reiki and Holistic training and found it very interesting , it has opened my eyes to  so many things which have transformed the way I live my life.It is useful not only for myself but in giving this to others.After training in Animal Reiki many years ago it has opened me up to a  different perspective in Animal Healing. The healing I give to animals means more to me than I can say as they  are  very dear to my heart, as I love all animals, no matter how big or small.The joy to give and seeing the animals taking in the healing makes me feel very good and worthwhile. 

Sandra’s Qaulifications

Sandra has studied the following healing modalities and draws from each of them, as needed, in her work:

  1. Usui Reiki i, ii,  iii(a) to Master Practitioner
  2. Animal Reiki to Master Practitioner
  3. Animal Reiki Communication to Master Practitioner
  4. Animal Communication
  5. Animal Shaman Studies
  6. Animal Spiritual Ministry
  7. Master Practitioner in Shaman Studies .

Sandra has  undergone several years of in-depth Reiki training and successful initiations and has recently qualified  at Level iii (a)  Master Practitioner  Degree.

Member BCMA & AET 

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