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Phil ( on the left) 

I was recommended by a friend, around 8 years ago, to get in touch with Jacqui Meadows (Spiritual Sojourn) as I one of my cats Phil kept wandering off.

Jacqui had a distance communication session with Phil to find out what the reason for him wandering off was, after one session Phil didn’t wander off again.

Jacqui has been healing both my cats (Kitty & Phil) during the last 8 years and has helped them both through some tough times both physically and mentally.

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Unfortunately my 21 year old cat Phil passed away last year and Jacqui helped with this awful transition and I am convinced made his passing easier and more comfortable. During this time, Jacqui was in constant communication with me and Phil and made the whole process a little easier.

During the 8 years Phil suffered with Thyroid and Kidney problems which were treated by my Vet. However, I can honestly say that I feel Jacqui’s distance healing helped Phil cope with his medication and also prolonged his life.

Mrs A Williams, Shrewsbury

Kitty (17 years old) has always suffered with her nerves and also suffered with a brain aneurism in 2013. Jacqui has given Kitty continuous distance healing which I feel has helped Kitty with her general health and wellbeing. Jacqui always follows up her healing sessions with a comprehensive report outlining how the healing has gone and what my cats were feeling

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and thinking which is very comforting.
I feel Jacqui is a truly lovely lady with an incredible gift, she has dedicated her life to helping and healing animals and I am so glad that I was passed on her details as she has helped me and my animals so much.

Mrs A Williams, Shrewsbury

Animal Communication  and Healing

Peony a six-year old female cat, was presenting high levels of anxiety and over grooming both along her spine and stomach. Whilst she had been prescribed medication, this had such an adverse impact on her behaviour, mood and general wellbeing, that we sought a more holistic and natural approach to help her heal.

Since Summer 2015, Peony has received communication and healing sessions from Jacqui. This, complimented by the use of specific Flower remedies as advised by Jacqui has brought about tremendous results for Peony. She is now experiencing much less anxiety and is overall calmer and content as well as being much more confident around strangers. She has ceased over-grooming completely and her fur is now fully restored in these areas.

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The use of Flower remedies continues to maintain Peony’s wellbeing and I am delighted with the results since enlisting Jacqui’s help. I would highly recommend Jacqui’s services, as she was able to quickly identify the source of Peony’s ill-health, help her on the road to recovery. I also feel much more informed about the impact of my family and the general living environment have on Peony’s wellbeing and health and I have been able to make practical changes to suit her needs.

Claire Jopling
Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
5th January 2016

Daisy – Animal Reiki Healing and Animal Communication

My beloved and very much missed cat Daisy received Animal Reiki healing from Jacqui when she was very poorly, on 2 occasions in 2016. The first time she recovered (largely no doubt as a result of the healing) which gave me an extra 9 months with my baby girl before she passed away. Jacqui is both professional and sensitive in her dealings with animals and their owners and gently communicated some difficult messages to me when she did an animal communication session with Daisy before she died. I have recommended Jacqui to colleagues and friends (who have had sessions with great success) as she is highly skilled and has the absolute best interests of your animal at heart.

D. Hill. Redditch