mobile animal reiki healing – treatments & fees

Animal Reiki Communication and Energy Healing are not a replacement for Veterinary care. Please consult your vet if your animal is sick and suffering from any undiagnosed condition.

Typically treatments for animals involve a combination of different techniques dependent on the nature of the problem. Initial Consultations normally involve techniques such as animal communication an intuition techniques in order to identify the problem. Animal Reiki Communication is telepathic communication with your animal and is sometimes called deepened intuition. All animals communicate in this way. Through this communication, insight is given to the healer to help identify issues affecting the animal.

Follow up treatments would typically embrace techniques such as Animal Reiki healing, Animal Reiki and Emotional Freedom technique (EFT). EFT is a relaxing and calming technique that may calm an anxious and fearful animal . It can bring dramatic results to behaviour problems, pain and illness. It involves tapping on certain acupressure points on the body. As animals don’t often like being tapped, the practitioner can do this on either owner or herself.

pet owner reiki treatments

A Reiki treatment is a completely non invasive laying of the hands energy channelling technique with hand positions above and on the body of the animal owner.  It is usually done on a massage table and the recipient is always fully clothed and covered with a sheet. The treatment begins with the laying of hands at slow intervals on the front and back of the body. A treatment generally lasts about an hour or more. Frequently people experience Reiki hands as getting very warm and most people find this penetrating heat quite relaxing and comforting. Reiki is often compared to the relaxation achieved by a good massage, but without clothing removal.

animal reiki treatments 

Some Animal Reiki treatments can be done with the pet in their basket or sleeping quarters.   There is a set of governing ethics to Reiki practitioners worldwide. Reiki principles support that the recipient is the actual healer and that all healing is self-healing. The Reiki practitioner is just an opened channel for the much needed life energy to pass through. There are no special talents to Reiki; anybody can learn and be initiated into the Reiki lineage. Current research indicates that there are actual energetic frequencies that change during a Reiki healing session. Animal Reiki can be received in a hands-on treatment or in a long distance session. With their permission, you can send it to a loved one’s pet in need. Time and space mean nothing to the energetic of Reiki, so past traumas and long lasting difficulties can be treated at the point of origin. Reiki works to achieve a balance of mental, spiritual and physical energy to help alleviate disease and discomfort.

mobile clinic treatments for animals

Thanks to the special acquisition of our Animal Mobile Unit, we can now offer Animal Reiki hands on treatments in the mobile unit when visiting the animals place of residence, in addition to treating the animal in his/her home – when appropriate, and at the animal owners request Distant Healing is available at the centre.

Larger Animals are treated on the animals site of residence or via Distant Animal Reiki sessions from Spiritual Sojourn.

The Distant Healing Clinic is very popular with those clients who live some  distance away, where it wouldn’t be practical to travel long distances with their animal or for us to visit.The popularity of  the Distant healing is apparent  by the ever  increasing number of clients throughout the UK who  wish to book their pets and horses in for Animal Reiki healing and communication, as well as themselves !





by Jacqui – master practitioner and course tutor

mobile animal reiki communication on site at animals place of residence one to one  

  • New Animal intake Cost £50 one hour on site ( includes Animal Questionnaire case history prior to visit) Follow up sessions remain the same fee on site but distant communication follow ups can be done from the Centre- Cost £25 for 40 minutes and written report by email

mobile clinic animal reiki healing – domestic animals 

  • New Animal Intake First Treatment (includes Initial Consultation, Health Questionnaire, Treatment & Feedback ) lasts around one hour and costs £45.00 , for locations within 20 minutes of the centre.
  • Follow up treatments cost £30.00.
  • Long Distant Animal Reiki  Initial First Consultation  as above   Cost £45
  • Follow up  Long Distant Animal Reiki  Cost £30 ( from Spiritual Sojourn )


Mobile Clinic Larger  Animal ( e.g horses, farm or  zoo animals )

Treatment is longer for larger animals and fees reflect this.

  • First Treatment (includes Initial Consultation, Health Questionnaire, Treatment and Feedback Report) lasts over  One & half hour and costs £60.00 for locations within 20 minutes of the centre.
  • Follow up treatments are 45 minutes to an hour and cost £45.00
  • Long Distant Animal Reiki  Initial New Client Intake ( Includes  Health Questionnaire Treatment  & Feedback ) Cost  £45 .00
  • Follow Up  Long Distant  Animal Reiki from Spiritual Sojourn Cost £35


pet owner reiki fees

Travelling expenses apply over 20 minutes from the centre.

by Jacqui – senior master practitioner  and course tutor 

  • New Owner Client Intake  – One  & Half hours  Cost £50
  • One Hour Reiki  Follow Treatment Cost £40
  • Long Distance Reiki  New Client Intake Intial  Consultation , Treatment from Spiritual Sojourn Cost £50


treatment fees – Sandra master reiki practitioner

animal reiki  healing

  • New Animal intake –Cost £30
  • Follow up Animal Reiki Healing Cost £20
  • Long Distant Animal Reiki  New Animal Intake Cost £30
  • Long Distant  Animal Reiki  Follow up from Spiritual Sojourn Cost £20


for clients over 20 minutes  away from the center 

Additional fees/expenses apply to reflect our travelling time, any overnight accommodation and mileage charged at 0.40p per mile. Please contact us for a quotation.
Traditionally some clients who live some distance from the centre have found it useful to involve other animals/owners in their immediate area in the treatment sessions, so that larger numbers of animal treatments can be done on the same day/s so helping to share the overall cost of additional expense and travelling /mileage charges. This is a win win all round . Of course individual animal healing sessions can be done at most distant locations but at a much higher charge . We welcome any enquiries for block bookings , and larger stables.