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typical clinic issues

Dis-ease, or lack of ease, both in animals and their guardians, is often caused by other than physical sources and almost always has an emotional component. In order to achieve ultimate good health and well being, it is important to work with the root cause of the issue and clear the energy at a cellular level.


Animals suffer stress for a variety of reasons including living in unnatural environments, absorbing the emotions of the people they live with, taking on negative energies and diseases as a buffer to protect their guardians, and misunderstanding situations that they find themselves in. They are also known to suffer from abuses and injustices done to their species as a whole.

help is available 
Animals are very receptive to telepathic communication and energy healing, and are eager and willing to have their energy balanced but they often require a little help in doing so. Our animal friends generally heal quicker than we do as they don’t carry the same amount of emotional or energetic baggage.

death, dying and the afterlife

A huge percentage of Jacqui’s work is helping people and their animals through the death and dying process and making after death connections with the animals. It can be very healing to know that your animal’s needs and wishes are being met and respected during the final stages of their lives and also very comforting to connect with their spirit after they have departed. In these sessions you can receive and relay messages to each other, confirm that they are okay and determine if they have any plans in returning to you via reincarnation. Most clients tell Jacqui that they feel a huge sense of relief and so much better after a session, and the animals certainly do too. Jacqui also offers grief counselling.

missing or last animals

Jacqui works with missing and lost animals in a number of ways. She uses Animal Communication and her healing system. Jacqui will also recommend exercises you can do yourself at home to help in the process. The most important thing you can do at this time is maintain a calm grounded demeanour. While Jacqui has had good success orchestrating the happy return of many lost animals, there are never any guarantees. For some animals there are greater divine reasons for their departure that cannot be interfered with.