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Animal Reiki Healing – Diploma

2 Year Course

The Diploma  is available to  students who wish to complete the course up to and including Master Practitioner level . Flexible Animal Reiki training  up to Level  iia is provided to those students who only wish  to train  as far as  Level i or Level ii .

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Anyone who has ever taken pleasure in the companionship of an animal will know the benefits it brings, but the medical establishment, and people in general, are beginning to recognise and appreciate the healing impact these animals have on human beings. We are all aware of the wonderful help animals can give when they work with us to guide, protect or rescue, but studies have shown the healing effects both psychological and physical that come from the simple act of stroking a pet. Today an increasing number of care homes, nursing homes and hospitals arrange regular access to animals to foster the healing energies around the sick or elderly.

Of course, the care and affection is two-way: our natural inclinations to love our animal companions and to heal and comfort them then they are sick of disturbed.

To these ends, Spiritual Sojourn offers a range of animal healing courses concentrating on either the therapeutic values of animals in healing situations, or the care and treatment of animals who need our holistic help to heal.

Students who successfully complete The Animal Reiki Healing course are entitled to use the appropriate designatory letters after their name.

About Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki is an ancient healing art. Many believe it to be the strongest form of energy healing that that has ever existed. It is said to have come from ancient Tibet but has been touched by almost every culture and is known in many names and forms. It was re-introduced to the modern world by Dr. Mikao Usui and has spread quickly by word of mouth, and touch, to many people. Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a laying-on of hands healing technique. The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese words – “rei,” meaning “Universal Spirit,” and “ki.” Meaning “life force energy.” The word Reiki, therefore, refers to a balanced life force energy. A Usui Reiki Practitioner is someone who has been carefully trained in this ancient art and has prepared many years emotionally, physically and mentally to practice it.

There are three levels of Animal Reiki Training, (Levels 1,2,3), each with distinct levels of healing enhancement. A Reiki Master is someone who can teach this training to people who care to care, or to professionals in the healing and medical arts. They are given this Master title after many years of professional practice. Reiki is transferred to students by Reiki Master Teachers through a series of attunements. During an attunement process, a series of symbols are sealed into the person’s energy field. The attunement process opens up an individual permanently to the Reiki energy so that one can give Reiki treatments to self and others. Reiki has been traditionally taught in three degrees or levels and there is a specific attunement for each degree of training. A Reiki Practitioner is an energy channel for directing energy to where healing is needed. The recipient is the actual healer. Many experience Reiki as profound relaxation similar to the effects of massage. You receive Reiki fully clothed on a massage table in a series of hand placements above and on your body that bring the needed energetic input. Animals receive this direct to their body or can receive Reiki in long distance session.. Past traumas can be treated at the actual time of the trauma. Long lasting difficulties can be treated at the point of origin. All forms of discomfort can be treated with Reiki. Reiki is not a substitute for regular medical care, but often enhances and guides recovery to where it is needed. Reiki looks to the balance of mental, spiritual and physical aspects of disease. It is gentle and non-invasive and good practitioners follow the code of Reiki ethics. Reiki is an energy channeling process and has no affiliation with any faith or religious community. It exists to assist people in healing disease.

Animal Reiki Level One

Animals & Ascended Masters Foundation

Weekend Intensive Cost £295

Classes: Animal Reiki Level One

You will receive the four energy attunements necessary for beginning a Level One Reiki practice. These high-power, energy-moving initiations clear mental, emotional and physical blockages and are the beginnings of a self-discovery process which begins here and lays the foundation for the further study and practice of Reiki. In this weekend you will be attuned, learn the history of Reiki and how it works and the hand positions recommended for practicing Reiki on your friends and family.

Weekend Intensive Cost £295

Animal Reiki Level Two 

Includes the following


Animal Reiki Communication Foundation

Weekend Intensive – COST £295

Equine Healing – Part 2

Weekend Intensive – COST £295


Animal Reiki Level Two

Having completed a Reiki Level One initiation you can progress to Level Two. In Level Two you receive the 3 Reiki symbols used for long-distance healing, clearing mental and emotional blockages and increasing power. This degree of Reiki steps up your energy vibration ten-fold and makes you an official Reiki practitioner.We study together the basics of a desirable Reiki practice, Reiki ethics, Reiki hand positions, and client Interaction.

This weekend will cover Animal owner Reiki Treatment procedures.

Weekend Intensive Cost £295

Animal Reiki for Animal Owners

Weekend Intensive – COST £295

Animal Reiki Master Practitioner Degree Level iii (a)

Reiki Level Three addresses the core of Reiki training in an advanced spiritual apprenticeship.  Upon completion of Reiki Level Two initiation, you are eligible for receiving the Master symbol. Although you are not a Reiki Master at this point, the third degree symbol will empower your treatments 100-fold and take your personal intuition, insight and compassion to new levels as you further clear energy blockages from your system.

Five Day Course – COST £1195

Weekend Intensive – fast track, price on application, available for suitable applicants.

Places are restricted to 6 people per course. Please Contact Us for more details and to book a place.