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introduction to the Reiki Retreats                                        individual spiritual retreat

Does Not include accommodation or meals

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Shamanism is the oldest form of  healing on the planet  and still relevant and vital  in to days world . This weekend will give insight into the connection between  animals and humans through the spiritual world and their role  in healing through the guise of Totem Allies and Power animals in Shamanism – loving us quietly and unconditionally while they provide wisdom and support as we journey through life’s lessons.

Weekend – Cost £295 –

Reiki Retreat

2019  dates  coming soon  please enquire

unicorns in the mist reiki retreat

intensive – individual spiritual retreat – 3 days

Applicants will only be accepted for the retreats if they have completed the  introductory  weekend

cost £495  

Reiki Retreats

walking with white buffalo calf woman spiritual retreat

women only retreat

shamanic intensive – individual spiritual retreat – 3 days

cost £495

these retreats are open to those  trained in  Reiki healing, the shamnic arts  & anyone else interested, no previous  experience needed.

All applicants MUST complete the introductory  weekend before  their application  can be accepted. Only the completion of one introductory weekend  is necessary to  apply for additional  retreats .The retreats do NOT  include accommodation or food. Details of local accommodation will be sent on request. We are  happy to help you and look forwward to your enquiries and applications .

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Shamanic Retreats

The Shamanic Intensive – Individual Retreat is instrumental in removing fears, blocks, resistances and unhealthy patterns which brings clarity, choice and freedom of self for the individual(s), as well as allowing movement into your center of power and opening your abilities. Your gain and accomplishment in this retreat is priceless and is a true investment in yourself.

Activities during the Retreat includes:

  • Learning the Shamanic  Core Principles of the Oldest Healing tradition in the world
  • Connecting with your Shamanic Animal Guide
  • Connecting with your Chief Guide and Teacher(s) and Learning Art of Storytelling
  • Collecting your Shamanic Tools and Gifts
  • Self journeys to your place of Safety/Rejuvenation

This intensive is like a birthing process to rebirth the Self. You will explore a place of rejuvenation where you learn to conference with your guides, ask questions, listen for information and gain awareness at many levels. You will develop tools and abilities to use for all of your life.

This process is a powerful vehicle to the ultimate knowing of Self. If you are considering doing this Retreat, you need to be willing to drop all your created protections and blocks to achieve the transformative shift into Self. By doing this retreat you are placing value in self which is priceless.

we welcome small groups  up to 6 applicants.

what is shamanic healing ?

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Shamanic healing is one of the oldest forms of healing on this planet. It is dated back at least 40,000 years and has been found in almost every culture throughout the globe.
The word ‘Shaman’ comes from the’ Envinki’ people in Siberia, meaning ‘the one who knows/the one who sees’. Thus relating to the spirit world in which they interact. In simple terms it describes a person who can at will change his/her consciousness and traverse multi dimensional realms of reality to obtain empowerment, healing and knowledge for his /herself and the community.The Shamanic universes are common throughout different cultures. They comprise of The Upper World( the realm of Guardian Spirits, Angelic Beings, Ascended Beings),The Middle World ( the spiritual aspect of this earth dimension), The Lower World ( the realm of Power Animal Allies and our ancestors) and The Land of The Dead (the realm of lost Souls).

The Shamanic Journey is the tool for entering the Shamanic Universe. With the use of a repetitious drum/rattle beat ‘The Journeyer’ moves into an altered state(deep theta brain conciousness) and allows his/her spirit to traverse the multi dimensional universe with the aid of his/hers power animals and helpers.

Today through core Shamanic practices and ancient cross cultural techniques becoming more widely available, many people are beginning to awaken from the illusion/the dream of the third dimension. They are awakening from their sleepy ignorance and are beginning to find their own inner truths, through deep centered awareness and reconnection to the collective consciousness  of the spirit world and beyond.

I believe it is our birth right to find healing, knowledge and clarity for ourselves and the planet. We are all indigenous and if our inner spirit calls us to we can access the Shamanic universes to commune with spirit guides and helpers regardless of culture.

In ancient cultures and up to the modern day, Shamans, Healers helped to find and bring light and healing to the plight of “power Loss’, Soul Loss, disconnection of the mind, body and spirit and the earth.

Only through the guidance of spirit friends and helpers, our higher selves and the creator can we begin to heal.

pet bereavement retreats

pet bereavement personalised bespoke reiki healing mini retreats

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Walking and meditation are used as a means of connecting with your animal’s spirit totem guides, Losing a loved one can be deeply traumatic, particularly our beloved animal friends who leave us suddenly. Often animals choose their owner to help us through various life lessons these times then leave when the soul lesson is done and, once gone, a painful gap can be left. For those who are grieving or simply wishing to have healing and reconnect with their pets in spirit, knowing they have crossed over safely, we welcome you to join us. We offer bespoke and tailored packages from 3 days to a week for private retreat (groups or individuals welcome).

Does not include accommodation or meals . Details of local accommodation will be sent on request after your booking is accepted .

cost  from £325


pet bereavement one to one  bespoke reiki healing mini retreats

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Following the Anam Cara death and dying service, some animal owners are lost and bereft. Spiritual Sojourn offers support and help through healing and, if requested, a follow up animal communication sitting with their departed loved one. Receive healing through hands on treatments and connect through Animal Communication . Walking in  the nurturing and peaceful countryside environment  and meditation are used as a means of connecting with your animal’s spirit totem guides, set in some of the most peaceful landscapes and enjoy a friendly cup of tea at our wonderfully relaxing centre here in Wales.

cost £395  2 days