Join us on our spiritual pilgrimages as we traverse the old ley lines of Mother Earth



Our Sojourns are suitable for those who are new to spirituality and meditation and those who consider themselves to be more spiritually advanced.



Various treatments are available at the Centre including nutrition, EFT, crystal healing and Reiki. There is also a monthly animal healing clinic. BOOK NOW.



Various healing and spiritual meditation workshops are available at the Centre. PLEASE ENQUIRE.


Spiritual Sojourn Healing Centre - Wales

Spiritual Retreat

Sojourn to Peru

Spiritual Retreat

Sojourn to USA & Canada

Welcome to Spiritual Sojourn Healing Centre

Located in the beautiful countryside of Mid Wales, the Centre offers:

Holistic Clinic, offering a range of holistic treatments including holistic nutrition advice, EFT, crystal healing, Reiki and advanced shamanic therapies.

Mobile Animal Reiki Clinic, which offers a range of holistic and spiritual treatments for animals and their owners.

Animal Reiki Training, which specialises in courses in holistic animal healing.

Animal Spiritual Reiki Meditation,  offering training in meditation for beginners helping you connect with your animal spirit totem guides.

Animal Spiritual Reiki Retreats, which provide a unique combination of visits  to sacred sites, animal reserves and sanctuaries in Peru, USA, Canada and Europe. Walking and meditation are used as a means of connecting with your animal spirit totem guides, set in some of the most peaceful landscapes on the planet, including our wonderfully relaxing centre here in Wales.